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Kayne West Quicky Deletes 2018 Spotify Wrapped Tweet

Dec 07, 2018

Kanye West accidentally published, and quickly deleted, a tweet containing his 2018 Spotify Wrapped report. is a fun tool that examines your Spotify logs and gives you a personalized year in summary.  It presents what you listened to, your favorite artists and songs, and music recommendations in a visually stunning way.

At the end, it gives you the option to share your report with friends.  This is where Kanye West went wrong.  It seems he accidentally tweeted—and quickly deleted—his 2018 wrap up, thus sharing his top 5 musicians and top 5 songs with the world.

But here at The Tilted Glass we obtained a copy of the deleted summary card before it was taken down.  

While his top artist was, not surprisingly, himself… others in his list included shocking musical tastes.

When asked about what he listened to, Kanye replied “Wasn’t me.  Was Kimmy’s account.”

What do you think?  Was this Kanye’s account or Kim Kardashian's?  Difficult to know for sure.

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