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Cardi B Saves The Planet w/ 4 Step Plan

Cardi B saved the planet today and delivered world peace with her 4 step plan.

We bring you this news mostly after being charmed watching a bunch of Cardi B interviews last night.

How did the Afro-Latina signer from the Bronx do it?  Here’s her 4 steps, in brief.

Step 1) She enhanced...

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Thank You - We Just Turned One Year Old

Thank you.

We told ourselves we’ll do this for one year.  To give it a go to see what happens.

Today we turn a year old 🎂.  Whoop whoop!  Dang, that was a lot of work.

It’s been rewarding, surprising, frustrating, shocking.  We get to see first hand how Internet trolls...

Kanye West and Ted Nugent Begin US Tour

Well this just dills my pickle.  America’s two most beloved musical acts are joining forces!

They’re kickin’ off a ten-year long tour this very weekend over in Charlottesville.  Come on down!  You won’t wanna miss.  What better way to spend time with the family than by boot scootin’ along with...

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