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New Lion King Scandalously Used Human Voices for Hyenas

Jul 30, 2019

A Cutting Room Catastrophe.

In Disney’s new “live action” filming of The Lion King, there’s a startling new conspiracy suggesting that the hyena voices were actually portrayed by human voices.

If so, this would be a massive scandal and evidence of deliberate propaganda by McCarthy's Hollywood.  After all, are not the hyenas a metaphor for environmental destruction by mindless inconsiderate hoards, and the fascist potential within?

If this shocking allegation is true—that human voices were indeed overdubbed atop hyena bodies—the implication is that humans are actually the plague destroying this planet.  That humans are responsible for ecological catastrophe of Pride Rock.

How could Disney do this?  This is supposed to be a family movie.  I was lead to believe the talking animals were live action, footage found in nature, no human meddling at all.

Instead, millions of parents are incidentally brain washing their kids into believing that humans—descendants of god's very own Adam and Eve—are destroying the ecological balance of this world.  That the actions of humans can influence the climate.  What now Disney?  Might you suggest that billions of out-of-control overpopulated humans are in some way connected to this mysterious "climate change" force that is now wrecking our planet?  Huh?

Shame on you Disney.  Shame on you and your Hyena LIES.  

Make Hyenas Hyena Again.

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