Reality Adjustments

Other people make me tense!

Jul 05, 2018

OMG, here comes another one now!

I see you approach with moving eye.  I shake your hand with a funny grip.  I say hi as I hold my breath in my chest.

I want to get out of this conversation.  I make ill-timed jokes.  Flight and fight. 

I awkwardly search for conversation to ensure no awkward silence.

In the background there is tension, barely perceptible to myself.  Do you feel it too?  You must feel it too.

We are squeezer shaker twitcher jerker flitter flutter interacter wind-up toys.

By being aware of it, will it go away?  I breathe.  I relax.  I have compassion for myself and others.  My god, how heavy I've been.  Ahhh.  I breathe.

I forget.

OMG, here comes another one now!

The Tilted Glass