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Man Arrested For Locking Puppy in Hot Planet

Sep 24, 2018

An Irving, Texas man faces charges after police say they found his young puppy locked inside of a hot planet.

It happened around 3:30 PM on Sunday.  An unnamed couple first noticed the puppy clawing at the sidewalk and barking in circles. The owner was nowhere to be found, so they called police.

Officers responded and rescued the puppy, administering oxygen and cooling it off. It was taken to a local animal hospital, where it remained in critical condition.

The puppy’s owner, Mateo Graisser, had this to say after posting bail: “I was just at work.  I'm a sales manager right here in Irving at Exxon.  But I love my puppy. I let her play in the outdoor play zone. I feel terrible.  I didn’t realize how hot it’s gotten out there.”

“Locking your puppy inside Earth is no joke,” said police.  “We take this very seriously.  Especially in that part of town outside the Exxon headquarters.”

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