Reality Adjustments

Woman About to Do a Cleanse Just Eating Whatever Now

Jun 17, 2018

Janice is about to begin a food cleanse tomorrow.

It will be 6 weeks of liquid only smoothies, no sugar.  In the morning she will drink the juice of 21 freshly squeezed lemons.  She will be taking herbal supplements to detox the liver and kill parasites.

To cap it off, she will end with 10 days of just water, no food.

Knowing what she is about to go through, Janice has realized that she can just eat whatever now.

“Screw it,” she said to her friends.  “I’ll have the desert.  It’s going to burn off anyway.  It’s about to get real clean fast.”

Last seen, she was at the checkout line carrying a bag of chips, a bottle of wine, and 100 pounds of lemons.

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