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China Landing Reveals The Moon Is Not What You Thought

Jan 04, 2019

The Chinese have become the first to land a spacecraft on the dark side of the moon.

The BBC reports that the Chinese spacecraft is carrying six live species: cotton, rapeseed, potato, fruit flies, yeast, and arabidopsis (a flowering plant). The goal is to form a mini-biosphere.

These invasive species will soon overrun the moon’s native ecosystem.  Later, China will send work crews to farm these crops, colonize, and convert the moon into manufacturing sweatshops employed by generations of Chinese moon babies who know no earthen form of gravity.

Along the way, the Chinese elites will be in direct contact with the alien monoliths stored on the dark side.  They will learn advanced tactics to manipulate global affairs, gaining a temporary power advantage over the rest of Earth.  The choice between world peace and world domination is in their hands. Seizing this moment, they will not be benevolent.

The rest of Earth can't compete with China’s alien advancements.  Everyone wants a slice of that Chinese moon gold, before the others get it and become more powerful.  The United Nations turns a blind eye to the censorship, pollution, wealth disparity, and human rights violations that occur on China moon.

World War 3 arrives.

China has terraformed its moon to be the new Earth... a new blue planet… old Earth gone barren… that blue pearl now a grayish white… dark… for thousands of years… China rewrites history… there is only China.  There has only ever been One China.  It is now the year 2019.

A child points up to the sky, gazing at the full moon, and in Mandarin, asks, “Mother, does anyone live on the moon?”

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