Reality Adjustments

I Support Daylight Savings Because Time is an Illusion

Mar 11, 2018

Hark!  Greetings to you, my friend, in this time of the dictatorship of mechanical devices!

You, like me, surely remember the days of yesteryear, before this town installed its great clock tower with its gears and escapements and its cacophonous bell ringing upon the hour.

We used to awake with the sun.  Sleep with the sun.  We scheduled our appointments by the sun.  Not by some number.  Not by 8:30.  Not by 1:15.  What begoodins are those?

And now, did you hear, they have atomic clocks that measure time by oscillations of the caesium-133 isotope!  Woe!

How we once danced at the Beltane’s Maypole!  How we'd engorged upon Imbolc’s bounty of milk!  I miss the holidays of our dear mother Gaia.  We celebrate these no more.  Instead numbers keep pushing us forward.

This is why--I thank the positions of our stars--why I support daylight savings time!  

No I don’t care about saving daylight!  You can’t save light!  It is there whether or not you change the clocks.  Ha!

No I don’t care about people who gripe about their circadian rhythms not adjusting or having some depression triggers.  It's your fault!  You’ve set your rhythms not on your body, nor the sun, but on the clock!  

So I do care about breaking us from the clock, from the dictatorship of precise time.  Let us return to relative time.  We do not live in absolute spacetime, thank you Einstein!

Return we must!  So let’s change the clocks every day to a random hour.  All those controlled by the second hand with all the other robots… yee too shall be free!  Together we seek the sun!

The Tilted Glass