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Serious Question: How do you deal with friends who are into conspiracy theories?

Apr 15, 2018

🤔Out of all people, we are looking to our readers to answer this question. You know best. Please help me. 

Because our readers are known for your abilities to fly past enemies within, outside, above, and below... through the chemtrails and into blue skies where government media mind control radiations are at their weakest, where our interstellar antennas can tune most to you with benevolent pre-enemy answers to this pressing question. 

How do you deal with friends who are into conspiracy theories?  Do you slap them?  Remind them how they sound?  Ask them to rank their data points in probability of truth?

Look Mark Zuckerberg, you stay outta here. You too, Jimmy Hoffa. Stop sleeping with my wife.

What do you do when your friend keeps saying crazy conspiracies?  

Do you remind them of their higher selves through their Atlantean past?

Please respond and let us know. Thank you, my friend!

👓 The Tilted Glass

The Tilted Glass