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5 Sexy Women Drinking Water To Remind You Of True Thirst

Jul 31, 2018

The Lakota phrase Mní wičhóni—water is life—has become the new national anthem.

In a world of plant medicines, where tobacco is revered as sacred, only one medicine sits atop the throne of all: water.

Without water, there is no life.  Water is life.

One drop of water holds all the memories of the universe that was and are and will be.  One drop of water holds all your hopes and dreams.  One drop of water reflects your highest potential.

Water is never dirty.  It is what we put in it that is dirty and polluted.  But water never changes.  Water is always clean.

Water tears down walls.  Water breaks down the dams that divide us.  Water is for all people, not only the rich, although try as they may to control it.  A cup of water is profoundly political.

But water does not make the headlines.  Headlines are made by noise and sex.

Luckily, sexy women have been drinking water for some time.  She knows how to awaken thirst.  She knows her body is 65% water.  That to desire her, is to desire her water.

Water offers its blood to you.  Water carries the seed of life.  Water accepts the seed of life.  Water carries the seedling of life.

When you remember the water, a new world emerges with water at the center.

We are rough rocks turned smooth as a pebble polished in that river.

And here we find our world. Ragged stones.  A jagged landscape in a dry heat wave.  And yet…

Oh, the water
Oh, the water
Oh, the water
Let it run all over me

And here's the water. For when the river gets dammed, it finds new ways downstream. 

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