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The Tilted Glass Enlightenment Hack: Most People Fail at Step 4

Aug 14, 2018

Our incredible gurus have written these 8 steps learned deep in the icy polar caves of the Brazilian Amazon to surely bring you lasting results. 

Step 1: I expand with abundance and inspire others to do the same.

Step 2: My wife won’t kiss me until I brush the Doritos out my teeth 😢.

Step 3: I feel no tension as I obey the flow of my higher self.  It is here that I listen… listen to my inner voice of mastery.

Step 4: I want to farm!  I must buy a new outfit to farm in.  Ooo, blinking LED Christmas lights on sale at Target!  I saw a cute person walk by!  Cashier says my credit card is declined 😢.  

Step 5: Reading this, you listen to the voice of your genius.  You breakthrough the limitations which have held you back.  So many times you have blocked your own success because you are afraid of stepping into your power.

Step 6: I’ll start tomorrow.  I’m exhausted.  It’s been so exhausting running through my mind all day.  Time to relax with a little Facebook and chill.

Step 7: Move your car a*#*$*%#$!  It’s rude to not observe common decency and aid the flow of traffic, you $$#^%^$%!

Step 8: Repeat

The Tilted Glass