Reality Adjustments

Study: Earth’s Genders Change with the Magnetic Reversal of Poles

Mar 02, 2019

In modern times it can seem there's no more male and female.  That gender is a societal construct trapped to the magnetism of Earth’s North and South poles.

For today, transgender men are more handsome than the biologically born men.  And transgender women are more beautiful than the biologically born women.  And the non-binary people are creating new spaces of being alive.  We can’t tell Them from Them anymore.  In fact, They are Us.

But this is not new.  The Earth’s magnetic poles are in a pattern of reversing.  The phenomenon occurs somewhat randomly, about 5 times in a million years of varying intervals.  Scientists are now saying that North is becoming South and South is becoming North and that is ok and normal.

Yet some resist the new magnetism.  And others are pulled.  We'll soon adjust or die off: the pigeons and whales who use magnetism for direction finding do well and adapt.

Men will be women, and women will be men, and beyond… where all who swim in this stream approach the pool of non-binary soup where magnetism is defined—not by the planet—but by the electromagnetic energy of an individual.  Zap!  Don't drown.  We got your back.  Hang in there.

New polarities create new attractions.  For without polarity, we are all smear and the Earth stops spinning and the stars disappear through lack of tension and the universe melts down.  No polarity.  No heat.  No motion.  No life.

By escaping the whims of the North and South poles, polarity gets to be defined by other things, such as personality and interests.  How many past lives have been this or that?  And don’t forget the side angle: polarity can even go double-down where you get two likes attracting instead of opposites attracting and a new magnetic field shakes the Earth where both sides are North and North.

So yes.  Exactly.  Enjoy this new geography, all you Flat Earthers.  The Tilted Glass loves you.

The Tilted Glass