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U.S. Women’s Team Win World Cup in Football

Jul 07, 2019

An inspiring U.S. Women’s football team won the 2019 World Cup today.

While football is big around the globe, it is definitely becoming bigger here in the United States too, in particular with the NFL’s Super Bowl.

U.S. captain Megan Rapinoe won the golden boot, with teammate Alex Morgan winning the silver.

The final score against the Netherlands was 2-0, which implies the US women must have gotten a safety against Netherlands, which is pretty unusual in football, as teams often score touchdowns and field goals with increments of 7 or 3 points.

We here at The Tilted Glass grew up watching football, and just happened to catch the news that the U.S. women were playing football.  We didn't get to see the game, since we are on the moon covering the upcoming 50th anniversary of Michael Jackson's first moonwalk.

The victory in France marks the fourth world title for the U.S. women, after winning 1991, 1999, and 2015.  The team’s confidence and affability has rallied people of all shapes and colors, including U.S. president Donald Trump, who came in second place in popular votes during the 2016 elections, and who said that “Megan should WIN first before she TALKS.”  Trump, a very big NFL fan, promised to send his "personal stash of cheerleaders" over to celebrate the U.S. football victory.

But politics aside, today was a beautiful day for hope, for seeing something truly special, and for great offensive and defensive units that rally behind a one-of-a-kind quarterback.

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