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Football Fans Excited for Peruvian Shaman’s Super Bowl Ad

Feb 03, 2019

Over 100 million people will watch the Super Bowl today.  Fans will come, set their worries aside, and gather over food, drink and bright screens to enjoy the thrilling championship of modern gladiators.

Over a half billion dollars will be spent on ads.  Production companies have created miniature movies to deliver joy, laughter, and heart-string sentiments which capture the zeitgeist of our day.

As the Budweisers crack and the Doritos fly high, people are particularly curious to see the shaman’s new ad from Peru.

Set in the exotic jungle of the Sacred Valley, the shaman promises ancient wisdom and medicinal plant remedies to help a broken society heal.  Featuring environmental destruction, rampant greed, mental illness and upside down beliefs, the shaman’s ad of just 30 seconds leaves viewers dazzled with a tiny taste of South America’s bittersweet jungle secrets to free the planet from suffering.

Cut to an ad from Febreze and it’s back to the cheerleaders kicking their legs high and spreading great cheer as we get ready for the thrilling conclusion of today’s game.

Later, when asked what they thought of the ad, one tailgater replied “Man what was that crap?  Super Bowl ads ain’t no place to try to sell me something.”

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