Reality Adjustments

New Bowie "BitCoin" has hit the market!

Dec 20, 2017

He's Got Medals!  BitBowie is here.  A new cryptocurrency has arrived and it is top of the pops.

The Cygnet Committee has announced it just might sell the world with this latest coin.  About the width of a circle, surely it marks a new set of changes to come in how we value the artistic experience.


Moonage DayDream

The process began about five years ago, some time before his death in 2016.  The famous starman who once had issued "Bowie Bonds", began to investigate new ways to "shake a bit of panic in Detroit."

There was no sorrow in the crypto- markets. The sweet thing found sudden highs and reached an almost cult status, despite Big Brother's attempts to knock it down.  Its ripples were felt across the universe.  "Somebody up there must like me," management said.  "These are some golden years."


Breaking Glass

But suddenly, last Friday, the coin suddenly took a new low.  What in the world?  A sense of doubt began to creep about the coin's lasting potential.  Maybe these bits weren't the economy's latest "heroes"?  The charts moved from green into red money.  It's no game.


China Girl

But over the weekend international trading in the Chinese markets suddenly thrust the coin into modern love.  It was dancing with the big boys.  Don't look down!  Or you just might get too dizzy.  

And that's just what happened.


I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday

The coin's way of going up and down in the graph became a bit too predictable.  After briefly changing its name to TinBit, it was almost a stranger when it met itself again.  It needed to move outside the graph.  "I'm Afraid of Americans," said management, referring to the existential paradox of being a coin yet not wanting a graph.  "The market itself has become the limiter.  There are new angels of promise somewhere.  A slow burn into a better future.  This will never get old."


I'd Rather Be High

The coin then dipped into its longest stretch of silence yet.  It's line hardly moved, even in such volatile times.

And then came the next day.  

A ★ arrived and hit new dollar days for all who stuck out the investment.  But you have to at least buy the coin!

"After all," said management.  "I can't give everything away.


Look for BitBowie today in your local cryptocurrency exchange.

The Tilted Glass