Reality Adjustments

Our new merchandise is the world’s most ultimate ice breaker to enter higher dimensions of potential. Whatever. No big deal.

Sep 15, 2018

Whatever. We sell merchandise now. No big deal. 

Who cares if you can wear tilted glasses with class and taste?

I mean: buying our products is a wink to the universe, is all.  No big deal.

A sign for others who see with double-vision.  Game recognize game.  

If you buy a shirt or mug or bag or bra, sexy people will begin to throw themselves at you.  Investors will give you money for your ventures.  You’ll avoid the plague of zombies.  But you probably don’t want the sex, money, and health sold in our new store.

It’s perfect for gifts and weddings and anniversaries and birthdays and geez is it Christmas already?

It’s pretty much the most elite subtle status symbol one could possibly attain, by true measures. No biggie. 

You don’t really need to check out the link, because you probably have it anyway, or don’t care.  But whatever: here’s the damn link:

👓☝︎we love you

The Tilted Glass