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Solar Powered Tanning Beds a Big Hit Across America

Jan 29, 2019

It has been tweeted as a victory for green renewable energy.

A manufacturer of solar powered tanning beds can’t keep up with demand.  Beaches across America are now willing up with solar powered tanning beds!

Because no power outlet is needed, the units are frequently dragged to remote places.  This means pristine environments do not need to be cluttered with lengthy power cables.

Each unit saves approximately 10 cents per tan in energy costs.  You can buy your own, or download the company’s app to find their network of tanning beds in the wild… all with your smart phone.

Unfortunately, not everyone is a fan of America’s progress.  One local resident, a 76-year old man who’d been living by an isolated beach in Florida for 40 years, said “What the hell did they dump on my beach?  The sun is right there.  I don’t get it.”

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