Reality Adjustments

Woman Talks Walk, Experiences Transcendent Everywhereness, Returns to Facebook

Oct 01, 2018

BLOOMINGTON, IL - Katy Sparksburg took a walk in the old grove this weekend.

Suddenly, in her own words, “I felt a powerful brilliance.  An unimaginable calmness in the present.  A crack in the forest fabric opened, just for me, layered as an added dimension atop our day-to-day 3D.  Not forced, no, I was a contributing creator in my own illumination.  There were ripples and undulating sonic murmurs.  Even my emotions had an echo… in so much space, I heard sung.  I saw mandalas of angels flashing, swirling geometric patterns, some kind of shifting central control, all bombarding me with waves of tranquility, massaging my knots into infinitely long strands of light.  It was so powerful I dare not move, for if I did, I’d fall from my mountain of grace, down into some kind of mental hell of self-loathing and grueling terror… as if the lowest of such lows were in reaction from the voluminous heights I’d just achieved.  I shed a tear, for my own life and my family and the great hope I visualized humanity finally achieving.  For lack of better words: wow. ”

Come dusk, she walked along the soft winding dirt road through the old grove, appreciating so many small details that once felt common, back home now to her husband, Riddick, who upon arrival smashed a can of beer on his chest and said “woman, I sure hate the news today.  Look at all them ‘tards and their dumb ways!”

Indeed, they were all over the TV... people who used strategies to wedge the news, who made fortunes from divisions.

Katy’s four small children sprinted into the living room like a flutter of butterflies and began fighting out of nowhere.  They were so calm a moment ago.  Now a zoo.  She got them to quiet down by fixing a snack of watermelon and cantaloupe balls.

Then her mother called.  Dad isn’t doing so well.  It was a long phone call.

After she hung up, Katy flipped around on Facebook on her phone.  It was then that she came upon a story she liked, clicked like, and went to bed.

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