Reality Adjustments

We the Animals Demand “Inhumane” Treatment

Jun 02, 2019

Dear Humans,

We see you.

You won't stop abusing us.  We make you money legally by your own laws.  Then you'll break your own laws to make even more money.

You cut off our tails, horns, beaks and testicles.  You brand us with hot irons and enslave us.  You keep us in a permanent state of pregnancy as you milk us and kill our sons.  Then you eat our flesh.

You wear the flayed skins of our bodies on your boots, jackets, belts and hats.  You hang our heads on your walls like trophies.

Your wipe out our homes with your concrete cities and sterilized suburbs.  We are bred into concentrated animal feeding operations.  Once we run out of places to live, you lock us into zoos and circuses where you gawk over how rare and beautiful we are… like a rose plucked.

Our planet is in the midst of a sixth mass extinction, but this one has no asteroid to blame.  We're being eliminated at 1,000 times the normal rate.  Literally dozens of us will go extinct today.  50 percent of us will be gone in 30 years.

Some of you are bothered, but don’t want to change your habits or diets.  Or just say it's the way of life.  So you come up with new words.  You say there is “humane” way to steal our homes.  A “humane” way to mass slaughter us for profit.

Once upon a time, we thought you’d change.  You scared yourselves how badly you were treating us.  Then you slapped the word “humane” on our extinction and put the blinders back on.  

How terrible are the things you humans consider to be “humane.”  So we the animals are demanding a more inhumane world. We’ve lost our faith in humanity.  

Humans: Wake up - or else you will live in a world you can’t wake up from.



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