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A New Declaration of Interdependence

Today we declare our interdependence.

No more shall we live the myth that we are independent from the world.  We are not separate.

Cross-border pollution is a serious global Issue.  We share the air and the water.  Our natural resources.   If a Japanese nuclear power plant leaks into...

Let's Punish Litterers by Chopping Off Their Fingers

Call me old fashioned.

Yesterday I saw a man toss a piece of trash out the window.  As if that’s ok. Just “Hey I finished my plastic garbage, now I'll throw it out of my douchebag car and onto the street."

Fines don't work.  There is something fundamentally flawed with those who litter.  Luckily, there’s a perfect...

Wow, The Easter Bunny Loves Zombies!

by the Primordium Bloom, Head Devotee at the Temple of Goddess Eostre

It’s official: The Easter Bunny loves zombies.

As you know, our sacred Eostre Bunny (sometimes spelled Easter) is beloved throughout these pagan Anglo-Saxon lands.  Our dear goddess Eostre, whose spirit may appear as a bunny, brings great...

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