Reality Adjustments

A New Declaration of Interdependence

Jul 04, 2019

Today we declare our interdependence.

No more shall we live the myth that we are independent from the world.  We are not separate.

Cross-border pollution is a serious global Issue.  We share the air and the water.  Our natural resources.   If a Japanese nuclear power plant leaks into the water, it affects us all.  China’s smog affects us all.

There is competition in nature.  And there is interdependence in nature.  Humans just so happen to be competing against the planet, instead of cooperating with it.

What is freedom?  The freedom to eat fast food grown thousands of miles way with a plastic fork?  This is competition against nature.  

Cooperation with nature requires a major adjustment.  No more quick fixes.  There is a new habit to be made.  Everybody knows this, but few people are willing to make the changes required.

Are you making the changes?  I've been a slacker for so long... paying the bills day-to-day with too much of that old-fashioned independence on my mind.  No more.

As we develop interdependent habits we make it easier for others to develop theirs.  We must change our ways and then stop companies who put short-term economic gains over long-term environmental benefits.

Wake up plant intelligence.  Wake up animal intelligence.  You'll never say a mushroom or a rock are dumb once you learn to speak their language.

This article is a simple call to action.  A reminder to friends, family, and ourselves.  We can celebrate July 4th and all the other independence days out there, but we use this opportunity to move the dialogue to interdependence.

Or as the great circle serpent commands: Join, our die.

A link now to get started: Going Zero waste:

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