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“You’re Not Listening!” Screams Troll With Loudspeaker

Mar 25, 2018

Today a rather charming living being, sometimes referred to as a troll, held up an industrial metallic loudspeaker and screamed, at the highest level of volume, over and over, “You’re not listening!”

These words were in response to something the troll did not want to hear.  For it was difficult for the troll to hear.  And perhaps impossible.  For the troll lacked the context to even be able to hear it.  

The word *kind of* entered the ear, but got funneled through different channels like a game of plinko, eventually spitting out into some seemingly random outcome.  

The troll was like a blind man who, having never heard of an elephant, perceived a piece of it as something other than elephant upon being touched.

And thus our dear friend the troll, whose heart in its true state was a blue sky on a cloudless day, felt as if it too were not being heard.  And down came the thunderstorms.

The troll's world seemed to split into fractions.  And so it turned its loudspeaker higher to compensate for not being heard.  It even began entering places not even caring if it was heard, purposefully trying to make war with its enemies, delighting in how people overreacted to its loud emotional megaphone.

Theo Wilson recognized this problem when talking about sensitive issues of race.  Here is his video on BuzzFeed, offering a thoughtful and considerate approach to better connect with people deep on the “other side" of where you stand.

We appreciated the message.  So we wrote this article as something to share in response to all the trolls out there.  We hope it helps.

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