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Owl Selfies Ranked as Strangest 2019 Trend

Dec 27, 2018

Have you heard of Owl Selfies?  No?  Then you are still living in 2018.

From a select list of 5, The Tilted Glass has predicted Owl Selfies to be the number 1 most popular trend of 2019.

What is an Owl Selfie?  Instead of using your phone to take a picture of yourself and share with others, you use your owl.

You can’t really do much with it--it’s more an experiential thing.  If you never tried an owl selfie, you won’t get it.  So just try it.  Words can’t do justice to the mystery, the power, the vulnerability, the taboo excitement that Owl Selfies have to offer.

Your intimate owl selfie becomes a moment only you and your owl can ever truly see.  One night you might whisper, “Hey owl, remember that time I was lying in my seductive night slip, posing for my arriving lover?”

And upon hearing your voice, the owl will look back upon you, with wide eyes, as if taking another selfie, this time unprompted....

We chose Owl Selfies as number 1 in a top 5 list of other hot 2019 trends, including: Crystal Pickle Therapy, Fingernail-less Manicures, The Haggis Tub Challenge, and Tiki Torch Parties.

The Tilted Glass