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Ubuntu Community Choir Raises Planetary Vibrations, Defeats Evil

Jun 22, 2019

Chapters of the Ubuntu choir network raised the planetary vibration this morning and defeated evil.  

"It’s a kind of high you get," confirmed members.  "We feel good when we sing.  And doing anything good in one area of yourself lifts up other 'unrelated' parts holistically.  This spreads on and on with matrixy reverberations on a quantum level across the universe.  Duh."

At times it can seem the world is spiraling out of control.  From companies who wish to destroy life on this planet, to politicians who brainwash the masses into voting against their own best interests.

While a melodic voice may seem simple, singing works.  Plus it’s free: Pfizer can’t can patent this medicine.

The Ubuntu Choirs Network is a growing community of choirs that is non-auditioned, community focused and socially engaged.  There is likely a chapter already near you.  Here songs are shared from around the world, holding a torch to an ancient lineage of cultural music, preserving Earth's oral history while evolving to present relevancy.

It is said that when this information was shared with local hater--let's call him Dan McHater--a remarkable transformation took place.  He replied “Singing?  Only birds and my political enemies sing.”  But then, in the shower, he forgot how it happened really, suddenly, losing himself deep within here, it erupted as an almost non-voluntary reaction.  Some pre-lingual vocables began to harmonize and syncopate.  O the water poured around him and  he felt clean in a new way, for the first time, and this time he knew something was for real, knew it with his body and while world was just as threatening as ever could it be… just this once… a glimpse of a way through it all?

To which Dan McHater's parents replied "Your voice sucks.  Stop singing or you'll break the glass.  Come watch the war with us on TV.  There's a microwave pizza in the fridge."

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