Reality Adjustments

Whoever Gave the Racists Permission to Play, Can You Please Call Them Home Now?

Jul 01, 2019

Hey you.  Yes you.

Did you let the racists out?  If so, can you call them in?  It’s time for bed.

I realize that once upon a time it was ok to march down Main Street with the local lynch mob and join the witch hunt, but those days are behind us now... right?  Or at least we have to pretend we aren't racist.  Fake it till you make it... right?

Were you the one who blamed others for what you are doing?  Did you call the anti-fascists fascists?  Or the religious tolerance people intolerant?  Or the racial equality people racist?

If someone says the future is female or black lives matter or gay pride... it doesn't need to be an attack against who you are or your core values.  You are not being attacked.  Your core values are love, right?  Relax.

Most people stop being racist once they befriend people of other races.  Most men support women’s rights when it affects their wives or daughters.  It’s hard to preach hell once you befriend a gay person.

Still confused?  Relax.  It’s confusing these days.  So here’s how to be less confusing.

Stop being a dick.  Research historical context.  Be sensitive to how your actions might be perceived.  Practice tolerance.

Te quiero mucho.

The Tilted Glass