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Jeopardy James has Left a Beautiful Hole in My Heart

Jun 04, 2019

I write of the bittersweet tale of James Holzhauer, master hacker, genius of strategy and trivia.  

His particular form of greatness was one I could appreciate.  A sneak-attack ninja who saw a relative advantage none had seen before and seized upon it.  He alone saw that opening and made a run for the ages.

Watching his greatness reminded me of how greatness works.  How to peer into the infinite combination puzzle, discover that hole, and strike on through.

He lifted my spirits.  As long as he was out there fighting, all was good.  I didn't even need to watch the show to feel the inspiration.  Just knowing he was out there winning.

It was a feeling.  An upstart was beating the system.  Life sometimes can be so heavy, yet he had broken through.  He was winning.  He spoke for the young knight within us.

But mighty Jeopardy James has struck out.  He is gone and it stung and now there is a hole in my heart.  I wanted him to break all of the records, to go on forever.  I wanted him to be never-ending, all-knowing, all-powerful... but rare creatures tend to have rarer paths.

The hole that remains is a beautiful one.  We got to witness a story for the ages.  I am reminded of thrusts and setbacks along the path.  And I am ready for that trivia grid to light up and blink and spin with bonuses and wagers and questions only I can answer.  Final Jeopardy is coming, my friends.  I can feel it inside my heart where a hole has opened through the darkness.  Final Jeopardy is coming.

Thank you, Jeopardy James.  Keep on doing you.  We want more.

The Tilted Glass