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Jonathan Gold Tastes the Eternal Taco Truck

Jul 22, 2018

Our heart goes out to Jonathan Gold and his family.

The acclaimed food writer died on Saturday after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer just a few weeks ago.

He weaved a literary and punk rock sensibility into his culinary pen to elevate the art of restaurant criticism.  Reading him felt honest, inspiring, and transcendent. He defined the character of the city of Los Angeles in un-stereotypical ways as he savored street food and Michelin-starred restaurants alike.  He broke down lines of separation by connecting people with their neighborhoods.

Despite all the places he’d visited, there was still that one elusive restaurant.  A taco truck.  Not just any taco truck, but one whose reservation was given to you and required a one way ticket to taste.  It can be the most difficult and rewarding flavor of all, especially for someone still so young and with so much energy left for the local cuisine.

We’d love to hear your review of it.  I’m sure you’d begin in the second person.  You know, the kind that grips you at the top, settles us in with care, and lifts into synesthetic reverie.

Rest in Peace.

The Tilted Glass