Reality Adjustments

My girlfriend irrationally took my “10 signs your partner is the problem” link personally!

Dec 28, 2018

Internet family, help!  All I did was send my girlfriend a positive link.  I just wanted her opinion.  The headline read “10 reasons why you’re the problem and it’s actually you who is toxic in our relationship.”

She got so mad, even before reading it.  Not fair!

Once you bother to read it, all it does is break down the ways your partner projects their problems onto me, self-sabotages, never apologizes, is addicted to drama, tries to change me before changing themselves, can’t let go, vents to friends and family, and can’t communicate well.

Why did she get mad?  You'd think she’d assume it might apply to her family or friends.  But no!  She irrationally thought I was making some kind of comment about her and us!

Why on Earth would she think my “we are in a toxic relationship and you’re the problem” article is about us?  We are solid!  Trust!

Man, I wish she’d change.  Can’t she see I’m right and she's dead wrong?  She should apologize for her dramatic sensitivities - not me!  So I stormed out of our home and rented a hotel for the night.  That’ll teach her.  I wish I could talk to her about this, but I can't.  So I’m reaching out to my Internet family for advice.  What’s a guy to do?  Thank you Internet family for always being there for me.  She's a cold-hearted insensitive badly programmed robot, right?  Right.

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