Reality Adjustments

Foolish Man Thought Sharing Link Would Change Everything—Then it Did

Jan 05, 2018

Today, Walter Fishbock from Boise, Idaho foolishly believed that he could alter the course of his life by sharing this random article you are reading now.  

Walter was a sensitive man, and in the midst of his sensitivity he would often have double vision... from drinking too much.  This article immediately caught Walter’s heightened attention with its direct introspective questions.

Want to try something new, Walter?  You are struggling.  You are stuck.  You have not entered the place you know you can be.  You have not embodied the tranquility you know is inside of you.

But there is a way through it.  We can change the template.  We can change it now.  It is time to do something outside of your norm.  Time to act your wizardry.

The Tilted Glass is here, Walter, to break the template the controls life, the one that has directed you into the same old failures.  Are you ready to break it?  Are you ready for the tilt?

Walter suddenly jerked in excitement and knocked over his bong while doing so.  Ashes scattered upon the floor.  He forgot about the bills and his deep underlying grumpiness... for just one second.  And in that second he soared like a Phoenix rising with hopes on high.

Now he must signal to the world that he has broken through the failing template.  To change your fate, you must share your new radio signal.  You must share this post, Walter.

Bring the monkey wrench.  The banana peel.  The cream pie.  You are safe here.

At first he thought he was too classy to share things online.  That he was above it somehow.  He is a sensitive man after all.  But that is the point.  Walter didn’t break the template from above.  He broke it from within.  He abandoned himself and is breaking it right now.  And you too can join the sharing experiment.

In creating a home for this link, he found a support system. He watched his old problems fold away.  Walter is now wealthy and in touch with his inner peace, even as the kitchen sink dishes begin to pile u once again, and the dogs resuming barking, and the landlord from the multiplex demands back payment or else he move out.

Boom, Walter.


The Tilted Glass