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Trump Tells Biden “Just Grab ‘Em By the Shoulders” in Leaked Video

Apr 03, 2019

A new video leak from 2005 has surfaced.  It was recorded backstage at a dress rehearsal for the Miss America pageant, where Trump was the owner at the time.

In the footage, revealed by America’s hottest new media channel, The Tilted Glass, Mr. Trump is heard bragging to then Senator Joe Biden about how to treat women.  

Here is the full transcript of the conversation:

Warning: the following transcript includes graphic language

Trump: “When you're a star they let you do it. You can do anything."

Biden: "Whatever you want?”

Trump: "Grab them by the shoulders. You can do anything."

Biden: “The shoulders?”

Trump: “Just grab the shoulders, smell their hair, and pull them in real nice and close for a kiss.”

Biden: “That sounds creepy.”

[A group of Miss America contests walk by]

Trump: Why o why-o did I ever leave Ohio.  

[Nervous laughter]

Biden: “I just want to connect with people.  I’m a man of character.”

Trump: “Really?  Is that what you believe?


Trump: “Use the power dynamic.  You’re the senator.  They’re the table scraps.”

Biden: “The news would be all over that.”

Trump: “Just say it’s all fake.  That's what I do.  The news is what I want it to be.

[Miss north Carolina & Miss South Carolina walk by]

Trump: “Hey Carolinas!  Now who wants to go North and who wants to go South?”

Trump then forcibly inserted himself between the two women, grabbing each one by their shoulders.  As they walked away, Trump turned his head back to Biden and winked.

It is unknown how this moment affected Biden.

The Tilted Glass