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Area Democrat Baffled George W. Bush Suddenly Seems Cool

Feb 18, 2018

Maybe you remember.  It was 8 long years with George W. Bush as president.  

His leadership caused you much grief.  The 2003 invasion of Iraq.  Fake WMDs.  Hurricane Katrina.   Torture.  The 9-11 terror memo.  Mission Accomplished.  Leaving the Kyoto protocol.  Tax cuts for the wealthy.  Insider contracts to Halliburton.  The list goes on.  You even protested him on the streets with many others equally as troubled as you were.

That’s why it struck Area Democrat Todd Belkerton today: He found the ex-president actually kind of endearing.

“Man did you see what Bush said about Trump!” said Belkerton.  “W said he believes Russia meddled in 2016 US election.  And he called him a blowhard that doesn’t know what it means to be president.  Damn, that’s serious shade!”

This sentiment contrasted directly with the fact that Belkerton once called Bush “worse than Hitler.”  Belkerton loved it so much when Colbert roasted him at the 2006 White House Correspondents' Dinner.  He must have watched that video 20 times.  Belkerton loved Bush's terrible approval ratings that came during the latter years of his presidency.  "Karma," he said at the time.

“I don't know, but I kind of like that he paints a lot, even if they are kind of terrible paintings of cats.  Does Trump have any interest the arts?  And Bush always seems to joke around in a silly way.  Fun, you know?  Trump jokes always seem to glorify his ego in some way.  At least Bush doesn't have dozens of sexual assault allegations.  And Bush says he appreciates the hard work immigrants do.  Damn I would kill for Bush to be president again.  At least he's smart and reads.  Wait.  Wait.  What am I saying?”

Indeed.  Indeed, these are tilted times we live in.

The Tilted Glass