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NRA Responds With Photos of Sexy Women With Guns [SFW]

Feb 16, 2018

The NRA has released a series of photos in response to the latest shooting.

It faces increasing blame for having created this broken system of gun massacres. 

The NRA has come under scrutiny that it has paid off politicians and distorted the second amendment to include weapons the founding fathers could never have dreamed of, in contexts unimaginable.

Facing increasing pressure for a clear public response, NRA president Pete Brownell has released the following.

“We all know these events are terrible.  That’s why we need more people with guns to protect us from people with guns.

“So I’ve put together my favorite photos of sexy women and their guns.  This way you can see how beautiful gun ownership is.  If you don’t have a gun, women won’t like you.  If you do have a gun, lots of women will like you.

“We have conducted research studies on this style of PR.  Statistically we know this will distract you just enough.  And on a subtle level it will also stir up carnal lust and then associate it with gun ownership.  You are now surprised that we dare to respond in this manner, with such honesty, with such boldness, lack of subtlety, and a disdain for common decency.  You will wonder if your line of questioning is right, as opposed to our line of reasoning.  Or maybe there is just that seed of doubt which begins to grow in you.  Gotcha!  This style of us trolling you is divisive and encourages the good ol’ boys to defend us against their own interests.  The end result is more money and power for us.  Enjoy the ladies!”

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