Reality Adjustments

Yo, Santa Claus Here to Fly Over Your Walls!

Dec 21, 2018

What y’all done to this 2018?

I got flying reindeers, sack of magic, teleportation. I move through nations in the fifth dimension and y’all talking deportation and racial tension!

Get up offa that thing!  Hear my sleigh bell ring.

What happened to world peace, a spirit of giving?  Y’all been whirled into pieces drinking orange spirits made in Russia by Chinese orangutans!  

Don’t get slayed, side to side, left to right.  Let my candy cane bring your sweet center of intention back.  Otherwise you’ll be breaking your back building Ebenezer’s detention center!

Rise up, Dickens!  We have the power.  We are the wise men and women.  Santa’s up on that guiding star!  Check my sled tail light.  The red knows.  Y’all could be elves if you wanted to better your selves but you’re working like you’re in a sweatshop.  You’re breaking like you in a truck stop.  Just stop!

This fire place is burning for you!  Santa Claus’s paws got you a massage to get you off the knotty list!  Get on the ho ho flow!  Let it snow!

The Tilted Glass