Reality Adjustments

Here’s a story for you...

Oct 11, 2018

Here’s a story for you…

The banks give you debt so you can make them rich

The government gives you taxes so you can make them rich

Employers give you salary so you can make them rich

You get trapped in a lifestyle of debt as you make other people rich

After a long day, after eating and doing chores, just a little time

Take a pop of sweet relief

A fizzle of drugs, internet, television, porn, things to click on

Click until the weekend comes and you can do that thing outdoors with friends

Every now and then comes a bookstore's aroma

Dazzling feelings abound

So many self-help books on how to fix the financial and psychological problems

That develop while you make other people rich

Next to a novel with whales

A spiderous poem

Stories they call fake news

Kick out the stale

Sudden blossom of a hydrangea 

Reminder of your whispered connection

Easing the things you carry

Today can be (dare I say) fun

Through a story we tell to retell

Toward fluidity

The Tilted Glass