Reality Adjustments

How Do I Become an Icon?

May 13, 2019

Who am I?  How do people see me?  What is my “brand” or “religion”?  

Perhaps we never sought a clear answer to this question.

And so, unclear, our way of being is to echo what we like and don’t like.

We are echo machines.  We reflect and magnify the magnetic pulses of society.

What you are reading is a call to action.  A call to breathe, let the ripples dissipate, and reflect upon your essence to the world.

A call to demonstrate the positive example of your essence.

What is my pure essence?  How do I want to be?  How do I inspire?  It is not through marketing funnel tactics or half-naked selfies.

The way is simple: Be less of a critic and more of an example.  

Be simply.  Simply be.  Icons need no complicated explanation.

So what do you inspire?  Hope?  Financial freedom?  Sexual empowerment?  Health?  Climate change solutions?  Kindness?

To Be It, you must first know it... clearly and simply.  Know it, then Be it.

These words are a simple reminder of this.  

Escape the echo-ripple-machine.  Escape the gravity of being "always critical."

Enter the ancient and secret society of Being.

In solidarity with my people ✊👓

The Tilted Glass