Reality Adjustments

I Found This Link To Justify My Bias!

Jan 15, 2019

It’s not what you think.

I have a deep bias and wish to justify it by sharing something external. 

My link says that vegans are stupid.  That classical music is scientifically better than rock-n-roll. That rock-n-roll is better than today’s crap.  That millennials ruin everything.

This link validates whatever I feel: from how Trump is a fascist, to how anti-fascists are worse than fascists.  There's so much out there.

Get your head out of the sand, #sheeple!  Be rational, like me.  My link normalizes my ideology in the name of objectivity.  Did you know that we never landed on the moon, the Earth is flat, climate change is a hoax, and QAnon sees all?  #Truther.

This link makes me angry!  It mentioned something unjust on Hillary / Obama / Trump / Bernie / and Rutherford B. Hayes!

Reality Check!  All this “gender stuff” is too confusing for me, our kids.  Women should be women and men should be men. The problem is not toxic masculinity but a lack of masculinity.  Sexuality is not some fusion of various spectrums.

But let’s make this positive, ok?  I’m tired of hearing myself preach.  So here’s a photo of a police officer helping a homeless man.  Here’s another of our veterans going to church.  Here’s a photo of Muslims cleaning our national parks.  And immigrants saving a puppy.  Aww... just a simple sweet share.  No snuck premise.

Bonus!  My link correlates unrelated cause and effect.  It says I’m not a racist just because I want to protect our borders.  And that Black Lives Matter needs to get off their knees to support our troops.

Back track!  I’m not saying I agree with everything here.  I’m just being the Devil’s Advocate!  It’s good to share with like-minded people.  And maybe people who aren’t like-minded will see it and change—I unfollowed all their crap.

Thanks for reading my external link that was not-designed as clickbait to spread my unexamined biases.  It feels good to be heard and justified. 

See, I’m not crazy. 

P.S. People who subscribe to The Tilted Glass are more charismatic and better in bed. #Truth!

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