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How Long Can Cows Go?

Dec 15, 2017

Cows can actually go up to two months without food and several days without water (depending on dryness and heat levels).  They spend 8 hours a day eating and can produce 70 pounts of milk

But how long can cows actually go?

We've asked our resident cow staffer for advice:

Well it depends on the cow.  Are we talking a Brown Swiss or Holstein Friesian cattle?  There are about 920 different breeds of cows in the world. But they can definitely go.

Yes but how long?  Their jaw goes about 40,000 movements a day.  Their heart goes about 50 times a minute.  Their body can go like this:


But how long can cows actually go?

Their excrement goes about 10 tons a year.  Big Bertha set the record by going for nearly 49 years.  Their body goes at about 101.5 degrees Fahrenheit.

Yes but how!  Seems I don't have all the answers.  I had to go to India.  

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