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Apple Announces Ingestible iPhone for Fetuses of Pregnant Mothers

Sep 01, 2018

Worried your pre-newborn baby will be born behind the times?  If so, check out the new ingestible iPhone for expectant mothers today.

“Today we announce a very special breakthrough,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook.  “Our exciting new product merges advances in telephony, medicinal capsules, and prenatal UI.  We present to you: the iPhone XXS.”

For the small price of $20,000, an expectant mother just needs to swallow a pill and Apple will take care of the rest.  Soon the phone will grow and enter the amniotic sac to be absorbed and held by your baby's predeveloped appendages.  They will have all the features that regular humans have, including being able to text, set up a Facebook account, and play Candy Crush Saga.

Excitedly, your baby will even be able to take selfies and live stream the process of bursting into the the birth canal and getting squeezed out the cervix.  

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