Reality Adjustments

How Long Can Cows Go?

Dec 15, 2017

In this land of mystery and magic, cows are sacred. 


I asked many people.  I followed vaporous rumors.  One spoke of a holy woman who spent her life living with a herd of cows.

The journey was difficult.  I followed treacherous mountain roads.  I chased dubious contacts.  

Then one day, with the sun on high, I came upon that open meadow.  There she was.  The cow mother.  Mata Kamadhenu.

Her skin was warm and furry.  Her eyes were wide and gentle.

"Your bovine holiness," I asked.  "I've been searching long and far for the answer to my question."

"Yes," she said, although I wasn't sure if she even used words.

She blinked a few times.  She moved her head slowly.  Then she lowered my face to a swath of grass, wrapped my tongue around the blades, pulled up, and finally... I chewed.


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