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Trump: Only Tantric Energy Will Tear Down My Wall

Aug 16, 2019

My fellow Americans, it is I, your President Trump.

As president Reagan once exclaimed, “tear down this wall!”  Like all Republicans, I too hang a picture of Reagan above my toilet bowl, staring into his hawkish eyes every time I sit down to give the state of the union.  

Did you know, as we speak, our government is trying to separate families and build state-funded communist walls at our borders?  Woe!  We the Reagan Republicans love to tear down walls.

So many walls retain us.  Walls between countries.  Walls between cultures.  Walls between genders and economic classes.  

There are walls between our friends and families, our spouses, our paid porn star lovers.  Even walls between ourselves.  Woe!  This battle of shadow and light.

But there is one thing that can stop my wall.  That's right.  Tantric energy.

Have you ever felt my tantric energy?  Come deep now into my electricity, so charged where there can be no discrimination.  With this feeling there can be no wrong, no out of bounds.  Everything touched.  Charged.  Come with me into this vast matrix.  Share with me my tantric experience!  

Bigger than the biggest atomic explosion.  Huger than my hugest crowd.  My dear patriot, together we can tear down our walls!

(PS: Don't tell Melania)

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