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Russia Finishes Redacting the Mueller Report, Now Ready for Release

Apr 18, 2019

Kremlin officials have just finished redacting the Mueller Report, clearing the way for its public release.

The redacted report, which is nearly 400 pages, will show everything Mueller's team uncovered during its two-year investigation on Trump’s collusion with Russia--minus all of Russia's changes.

Russian has long been an alley of Trump, helping to monitor US mid-term elections, and even building a bridge directly to the White House lawn.

Putin and Trump issued a join statement of Russia's review of the report, saying that they "commend our own impartial handling of our report." 

Trump further tweeted "It's time to just move on, nothing is happening here.  What's it going to take for you to focus on something else?  Want me to ban gays from the military? Or grab a woman's p***y?  I mean I have the nuclear codes after all.  So stop it!"

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