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Activists Eliminate the Sermon from the Mount!

In Omaha, Nebraska, a group of modern activists eliminated the "mountain" from the Bible's Sermon on the Mount.

“Isn’t it about time,” said group member, Mary Olivia, during a passionate roundtable sharing circle.  “This is not a statement on the contents of Jesus's sermon, but rather the delivery, especially how it relates...

Do the "Hostless Oscars" Prove that Anarchism Works?

Does the success of the 2019 "No Host" Academy Awards prove that anarchism works? It does according to one anarchist.

“Isn't it obvious?” tweeted Francisca Sousa upon watching how fun and fluid the 2019 Oscars went.  “It was the best show in years.  All because it didn't have a host.  The peoples’ movement must...

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