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Cardi B Saves The Planet w/ 4 Step Plan

Cardi B saved the planet today and delivered world peace with her 4 step plan.

We bring you this news mostly after being charmed watching a bunch of Cardi B interviews last night.

How did the Afro-Latina signer from the Bronx do it?  Here’s her 4 steps, in brief.

Step 1) She enhanced...

Trump SOTU: “Blah Blah Blah Join My Cult”

WASHINGTON DC - Trump delivered a riveting State of the Union speech last night.  He blabbered on a bit before suddenly getting into the juice, stressing the importance of obeying his cult.  Here is the highlight from the speech:

"Patriotic Americans, you must be loyal to me, your leader, beyond all doubt. ...

Woman’s Instagram, Tinder Now 100% Identical

The Instagram and Tinder accounts of Jennifer Silver have successfully reached 100% fusion.

A single social media manger in her late 20s, Jennifer has converted her Instagram into a tightly-controlled dating portfolio.

It presents a visual collage of her activities, permitting the ability to receive expressions of interest...

Solar Powered Tanning Beds a Big Hit Across America

It has been tweeted as a victory for green renewable energy.

A manufacturer of solar powered tanning beds can’t keep up with demand.  Beaches across America are now willing up with solar powered tanning beds!

Because no power outlet is needed, the units are frequently dragged to remote places.  This means pristine environments do not need...

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