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Let's Punish Litterers by Chopping Off Their Fingers

Call me old fashioned.

Yesterday I saw a man toss a piece of trash out the window.  As if that’s ok. Just “Hey I finished my plastic garbage, now I'll throw it out of my douchebag car and onto the street."

Fines don't work.  There is something fundamentally flawed with those who litter.  Luckily, there’s a perfect...

It’s Time to Abolish the Racist Senate

The Senate is an undemocratic artifact.  It gives small states large powers.

It is also racist.  It gives sparsely-populated mostly-white states more power than heavily-populated racially-diverse states.  A voter in Wyoming has 70 times more influence than a voter in California.  And taxpaying U.S. citizens in racially-diverse Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico have no...

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