Reality Adjustments

Watch Out, ‘Merica: The Children Have Found Your Missing A

May 06, 2019

‘Merica, you’ve dropped a letter.  Like an arrow without its head.  You’ve lost your way.

You’ve built your home on Division Street.  On the wrong side of the tracks.

You’ve shut your blinds on your neighbors.  The companies have fed you poison.  And now you’re sick with a war swirling around you and inside your upset stomach.

Oh no, ‘Merica.  Tums can’t fix this now.  Nor that new pill they patented to treat this new illness of theirs.

Watch out, ‘Merica.  Your children have found your missing A.

They use it to become the qualities that make you squirm.  They are Aware, Able and Arousing.

They've learned that to become America, they must become all the Americas.  From the bottom of North America to the top of South America.  Through East America and West America until your name dissolves into a sphere of vowels.  No space for Flat Earthers here in the 5D sonic system.

Ah, in becoming America, they will pass through your insults: A-holes, A-turds, A-flakes, The Scarlet Letters, and many other kickbacks of a blossoming flower.

2020 won’t change anything.  Nor 2024.  Nor 2028.  All we have is a feeling inside.  Of how we live our life.  Were we brave?  Did we care?  Did we stand up to those fears which kept us small?

Or did we complete the letter and spell our new Arcadia.

Hello, America.  It's time we took a walk outside.  Sure is a beautiful day today.

The Tilted Glass