Reality Adjustments

Formerly Overweight Woman Completes Another Triathlon

Apr 13, 2019

A formerly overweight woman that you went to school with has completed another triathlon today. 

Her life is an inspiring story full of twists which inspire others around her to do better things. 

A dreams-really-do-come-true role model, she overcame illness and childhood heartaches to gain a newfound faith in herself that she can achieve greater things. 

Her story reminds us that we are each one-of-a kind and on this path to learn how to unlock our own potential. It's a tale of a beauty that was inside all along, but most people didn't know how to see it, especially herself.  Her road both challenges our assumptions and confirms our deepest yearnings.

Her example teaches us a great secret: the secret of how short life is, of action versus thinking about action, movement versus stasis.  All is change.  A river is never the same.  And you too are a river.

And upon seeing a photo of her latest triathlon completion, you remarked out loud, “wow, she used to be really fat.”

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