Reality Adjustments

We Determine if You are Either Gay or Irrational

Feb 25, 2018

This simple article determines your true sexuality.

Are You Gay or Are You Irrational?

Studies have shown that you are born to be either gay or irrational.  This is not a choice.  This is an honoring of that path that is within you.

Make sense?  If so, then you are quite rational.  Congratulations on knowing exactly who you are.

If this is confusing to you, then you are not alone.  Millions have been torn wondering if they are gay or irrational.  Millions have hid themselves inside a closet of suffering.  Millions have decided to come out of the closet, only to find that they just stepped into another much larger closet.

From one closet to the next, encapsulated amongst endless Matryoshka Dolls.  Ah, humanity!

A feeling emerges yet quickly severates into lines of reasoning.

Do you ignore its amorphous shape?  Did its sexy texture push a button to trigger a reaction to the opposite opposite side?  Until there is no more reaction, no more resistance, just pure motion, a fountain?

Here we come to a place where there is no judgment.  Here we find only celebration.

What the fuck did I just read?  Who am I?

Am I a panda or a plumber? Am I a word or am I a stone?

Ah, humanity!  Ah, Bartleby!

The Tilted Glass