Reality Adjustments

Happy Spring, My Goddess Ostara, I Feast Upon Thee

Mar 20, 2018

Ostara, Eostre, my Anglo-Saxon goddess.  You are dawn.  In your name comes the word for east.  Your celebration is the egg that hatched Easter.

Young woman, surrounded in light and blossoms, today light and dark have balanced. More light will begin to come.  The days grow longer.  The nights grow shorter.  

Bring me your colored eggs, your rabbits, your spring flowers.  Your signs of fertility.  Your seed of creation.

The crops are growing!  The future is bright!

We shall cast a great bonfire.  Our leaders call upon thee today.  Today our village shall feast upon the last of our winter stores!  

Our hope is renewed!  A new child shall be conceived!

(Either that or go to Taco Bell and watch TV.)

The Tilted Glass