Reality Adjustments

I’m going as YOU for Halloween

Oct 31, 2018

For Halloween this year, I decided to go as someone amazing.  It can feel scary, yet not as creepy as it may seem.

Rain for a thirsty world.  I came in from outside where I felt the rain patter upon my costume.

My costume fills the room with a refreshing scent.  I float through idle chatter.  Behind me the topic of conversation begins to change to this new aroma.  

I hear an exhale.  I see a tear.  Someone’s hand let slip a glass of wine which comes crashing to the floor.  There is the relief of laughter.  

You see: I’m going as an incredible person this year.

Someone who I can now talk to in a quieter space.  Someone who reminds me that none of the noise was ever the real thing.  It’s heavy matter.  The noise is just a hook… after the hook, what it is that we let inside?  How do we help each other past all the hookers out there on Halloween?

You see: my costume is you.  You take your finger and hush my lips.  Thank you... for helping me shake that grumpy I always fall back upon like a crutch.  Now I am floating and learning to steer your costume's wings.

I celebrate yourself, and sing yourself.
And what you assume I shall assume.
For every atom belonging to you as good belongs to me.

Together we leave the party and step outside, through the trail up to the top of the lookout under this Halloween moon.  We pass through night-darkened green.  A crisp forest respiration.  The veil is parted on Halloween night.  Witches and fairy goblins and wolves and vampires come rushing through the stars.

You remind me that last year you wore my costume.  And so by wearing yours I’m wearing me again.  And the year before?  And before?

You touch my cheek.  I don’t know how it happened.  But looking up at all those stars, and with thunder inside, our lips parted and we began to taste.

The Tilted Glass