Reality Adjustments

Some Dragon's Head & Tail Esoteric Art Magic For You

May 28, 2019

Class, open your books now to page 410 of “Art magic; or, Mundane, sub-mundane and super-mundane spiritism.”

First published in 1876 and lost outside of tilted circles, we are reminded now “Remember too the universal laws of sympathy that bind up all nature, animate and inanimate, into one vast chain of interdependencies, and then cease to wonder why the lower creatures can receive ban or blessing from their sovereign ruler man. 

The Ancient Mysteries, the Ancient and Modern Free Masons, the best philosophers of Greece and Germany, the Cabalists, and in a word, the Metaphysicians of all ages, teach that man is the Microcosm of being, as God, Angels, and the upper world, form the Macrocosm.”

Today’s Reality Adjustment from Dragon’s Lair of The Tilted Glass is to remind you that you, yes you, are the dragon’s head and the dragon’s tail.  

You are rippling out into the Dragon Cosmos through the art magic of this meme-moment to fuel the fire within your breath.  All forces lay in the Will.  May it be with you.  May your reality appear as adjusted to your guided volition.


The Tilted Glass